Tactical Rifle Case

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Hunt with convenience with the Tactical Rifle Case

With a collection of expensive and prized rifles, it only makes sense to buy a robust and highly functional tactical rifle case. Transporting expensive weapons is a great responsibility and entails several details that one must address thoroughly.

If you frequently participate in events, competitions or hunting escapades where you have to carry your rifles, you need a reliable case like our product. It transports any range of rifles and ensures that your valuable rifles suffer no damage in transit.

Besides the possibility of damage in any way to the rifles, traveling with things like that can create several complications. Perhaps the sight of rifles in plain sight might scare of the others around or may create unnecessary warning signs about you. Why take that risk when our tactical rifle case will not only carry your articles safely but also conceal them so as not to cause needless alarm?

In addition to all that, our robust and high quality case ensures that the outer shell provides maximum protection against impact. Your articles suffer no bumps and resultant damages along the route, from repeated impacts.

Our well-designed and high-quality tactical rifle case also has a protective interior lining that keeps your rifles secure. It also prevents the weapons from moving around while they’re in transit. We understand how rifles are the most prized-possessions for their owners.

This is why we use only premium quality material and design features so that rifle owners can rest assured of transportability and protection. You can now freely participate in shooting sports and indulge in your passion with our reliable tactical rifle case to assist you.

Traveling with your prized rifles has never before been so easy. Our case is large enough to accommodate two rifles with all the accessories. It also features certain other distinct advantages that make it an absolutely worthy investment.

We know how lightweight and convenience are the priorities for most shooters. Often one has to travel far and wide, to not so-easily-accessible places with their weapons. A lightweight and easy-to-carry case like ours ensures you face the minimum challenges and struggles while commuting with your articles.

Our bag is also water-resistant, another plus point that shooters can never find resistible. With zippered pockets, you get more flexibility and room for carrying all necessary ammo. These include cleaning equipment, magazines and even storage for other necessary details.

With the nylon material incorporate, our soft tactical rifle case offers even more advantages for shooters. It promises high durability even under tougher conditions and integrated retention to secure your guns.

The clever technological design and the compression straps make it highly feasible to carry. A soft case also makes the minimum sounds, which can be an added advantage depending on the nature of your shooting expedition.

Product highlights include:

  • Tactical hunting backpack-like case
  • Premium Nylon material
  • Available in green, tan and black color
  • Sizes- 36 inches or 91.5cm, 47 inches or 120 cm
  • Double rifle bag, highly portable and long gun bag
  • Features high-density materials
  • Can accommodate two rifles at a time
  • Features multiple pockets
  • Comes with a molle system
  • Connectible to an external bag and other accessories
  • Thick inner partitioning
  • Highly functional and effective protection for guns in transit