Solo Tactical Holster Rifle Cover

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This Rifle Cover is a must-have accessory for any Hunter!


The Solo Tactical Holster Airsoft Rifle Cover provides protection against rust, scratches, and dirt for your valuable firearms in your safe during lengthy storage periods. It is easy to carry for protecting your firearm during transport.


Solo Tactical Holster Airsoft Rifle Cover
The Solo Tactical Holster Airsoft Rifle Cover is an easy-to-use solution to keep moisture off your guns while in storage, and it's great for preventing rusty fingerprints from appearing on your guns and protecting your wooden stocks from getting dings whilst shuffling guns around in your safe.


Package includes:

  1 x Solo Tactical Holster                                                                                                      

Material: Elastic Water resistance silicone treatment polyester
Size: about 133x10cm/ 5 x 4 inch
Fits all rifles with or without scopes