Remote Control Crocodile Head

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This Remote Control Boat is designed with the appearance of a distinctive crocodile head, and it appears super realistic and vivid when you control it in the water. This can be used to play very funny pranks on people by the river, the lake or the sea. It can also be used to scare off certain predators and protect the local fish.

The waterproof design make it ideal for all types of watery areas. It is made from durable ABS plastic and resin and is suitable for all ages. It can reach speeds of up to 15km/h!


  • Made of resin material, shaped and well-finished to simulate a real crocodile head
  • 2.4GHz transmitter- you'll never get any radio interference with this RC boat
  • 2-channel operation of moving forward and backward, turns left and right, simulating the speed and movement of the real crocodile, freely flows in the water. The simulated crocodile RC boat helps prevent geese and other waterfowl away from the pond. Effectively drive away waterfowl and protect the pool
  • Low voltage protection, when the voltage is too low, the speed will drop by 40% automatically, reminding consumers to recall the remote control boat.
  • The boat turns on the power quickly when the inductive paddle shaft senses the water fluid
  • Adopted balanced double propeller, making the speedboat sails more smoothly without overturning
  • Good waterproof performance, the charging port is equipped with waterproof rubber, and the bottom of the boat is fully enclosed and waterproof


  • Remote control frequency: 2.4G
  • Remote control distance: About 30m
  • Remote control battery: 2 * AA battery (not included)
  • RC boat battery: 3.7V 500MAH lithium battery
  • Speed: 15km/h
  • Material: Resin + Plastic
  • Size: 31.3*14.4*12.5cm
  • Speed: 15km/h