NightPal™ TF2 - Night Vision IR Optics W/ HD Video Recording

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It is true that Vermin damage impacts 25 percent of all property owners in the country. Our NightPal IR Camera Scope for night vision enables you to operate efficiently during nighttime without alerting the game of your presence or location. It makes night hunting considerably easier compared to utilizing visible light. That is because your quarry can acclimatize to a normal lamp’s light and be vigilant enough to keep away from it.

With our advanced NightPal night vision product, you will have ample opportunities to shoot at night. That provides you with a greater success rate, and you can thoroughly relish your hunting night and day. What’s more, you can save a lot of your money by preventing these Vermin pests from creating significant damage to your precious property.

So with our night vision scope, you do not have to worry about any Vermin predators. You can keep your property completely secure and safe, boost your accuracy levels, and hunt around the clock! What more could you want?



    NIGHTPAL™ TF2 offers a sharp hi-resolution night vision in complete pitch-black darkness.


    NightPal provides you a quality 4.3-in screen that makes night hunting very easy and effortless for you. You also have the flexibility to adjust the contrast and brightness of the screen as you please. This is a very useful feature to have, especially during the night! Moreover, you can see the screen crosshairs that offer you precise accuracy on your target.


    Powered by HD720P Camera Infrared lens, our camera provides a sharp and chrisp image both during the day as well as night time.



    You can easily switch the NIGHTPAL TF2 between the night (infrared monochrome) and day mode by pressing a single button.

     Effective IR ILLUMINATOR:

    You are most likely to find several infrared lights in the market. However, none of these can hold a candle to the NIGHTPAL TF2 Infrared torch. This torch provides superior night vision clarity and range.


    Advantages of NightPal TF2 - Digital Night Vision IR Optics

    The following are some of the numerous benefits of buying this advanced NightPal TF2 night vision product.

    Infrared light provides Stealth

    The infrared light is not visible to the human eye. Hence, with the NightPal scope, you can operate stealthily in the dark without drawing attention towards yourself! How cool is that?

    Several Scope Attachments

    This particular NightPal product comes with a number of night vision scope attachments. These attachments are perfect for several uses like exploring mountain caves, surveillance, and hunting during the night.

    Simple to Use

    One of the best things about our advanced Night vision kit is that you can easily and quickly assemble it on a riflescope with basic operation. You will receive all the relevant instructions via your email that you used to make the order. You can rest assured that the setup process is very simple and straightforward! Hence, you can handle everything even if you are not too technologically savvy.

    Durable Construction

    The manufacturers have made the NIGHTPAL TF2 with top quality polycarbonate and steel material. These materials are very durable and reliable. Thus, you can count on your product to last a very long time!






    • 1  x  Eyepiece Tube
    • 1  x  Screen Cover
    • 1  x  TF2 Night Vision Camera (video recording enabled)
    • 1  x  High Definition Screen
    • 1  x  Hi-Resolution Infrared Torch
    • 1  x  Mounts
    • 1  x  Manual



    Please see our FAQ page for Night Hunting Laws (USA) here.


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